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2021 Playoff Analysis: Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills
Elite Quarterback
7 points
Premiere Offensive Weapons
2 points per player
Stefon Diggs
Josh Allen (Mobile QB)
Dawson Knox
Elite Pass Rushers
4 points per player
Quality Offensive Coaching
6 points
Brian Daboll
Quality Defensive Coaching
6 points
Sean McDermott
Number of Successful Comebacks
7 total points if the team successfully staged at least 3 comebacks
Elimination Game Experience
2 points each for offense, defense, and special teams units, provided a majority of key role players on a given unit have experience in elimination game scenarios.
Special Teams
Quarterback Elimination Game Experience
6 points if a quarterback has experience in an elimination game
Score Range
28 - 30

Buffalo hasn’t really improved much from last year. I know the Bills mafia have high hopes that Sean McDermott and his soldiers can will their way into the Super Bowl as the AFC’s representatives, but it’s unlikely. Not only has Josh Allen regressed from his elite form last year, but the organization doesn’t have a noteworthy pass rusher among their ranks. Ed Oliver, Mario Addison, Jerry Hughes, and Greg Rousseau have shown glimpses of potential, but neither one of them even come close to meriting elite designation. I’m all too confident not one of those players will emerge in the postseason as a dominant force in the trenches.

One more thing - the team hasn’t really staged any comebacks this season. If anything, they surrendered two comebacks, one to the Steelers and the other to the Titans in primetime. Their mental fortitude has been questioned time and time again this season, most notably during their embarrassing Monday night defeat against a New England team that only passed the ball three times. So Buffalo isn’t quite built to contest games should they fall behind significantly. Consider that shortcoming the last nail in the coffin for their championship hopes.

Buffalo survives into the division round if
luck gifts them with an easy opponent in the wild card round. It’s possible depending on whether they end up greeting the Chargers or Raiders to open the playoffs.