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2021 Playoff Analysis: Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Rams
Elite Quarterback
7 points
Premiere Offensive Weapons
2 points per player
Cooper Kupp
Sony Michel
Elite Pass Rushers
4 points per player
Aaron Donald
Von Miller
Quality Offensive Coaching
6 points
Quality Defensive Coaching
6 points
Number of Successful Comebacks
7 total points if the team successfully staged at least 3 comebacks
Elimination Game Experience
2 points each for offense, defense, and special teams units, provided a majority of key role players on a given unit have experience in elimination game scenarios.
Special Teams
Quarterback Elimination Game Experience
6 points if a quarterback has experience in an elimination game
Score Range
27 - 31

The Rams have been notably pathetic finishing out the season. It hasn’t been a good winter for them so far, though they’ve managed to seize the NFC west throne. Things started out so well for them looking as if Matthew Stafford would be the passer Sean McVay so badly needed to open up his offense, but for reasons either related to injury or ineptitude, the Rams offense hasn’t really changed its colors much from last year. It shows up in that the team has still yet to develop a full set of playmakers on offense to compliment their shiny new quarterback. Though to be fair, Robert Woods untimely injury midway through the season really seems to have hurt them - Odell Beckham simply hasn’t been a suitable fill-in for the role the inveterate Woods played in this McVay offense.

Coaching is what really interests me when it comes to Los Angeles. Before the season started, I was very easily sold on this idea of Sean McVay being a brilliant offensive mind. I bought in to the media hype. But it seems McVay hasn’t evolved his philosophy on offense ever since he started coaching years ago. It’s still a very basic offense predicated on running a myriad of plays from a basic formation. The problem is that analysts and some of the wiser defensive coaches around the league have gained a beat on those plays now. In short, people now have a pretty solid understanding of McVay’s tendencies on offense. Stafford was supposed to remedy that predictability by giving the Rams the option to play dropback football, but as stated earlier….things haven’t panned out in that respect. On top of that, Raheem Morris and his impact on this defense needs to be seriously questioned. For one thing, it’s not his defense - McVay insisted Morris keep the type of defense Brandon Staley pioneered last season, given that statistically, that style of defense excelled in many areas. Things haven’t quite panned out as such, and I wonder whether Morris is truly comfortable managing a defense not schematically built on his principles. If any of the defensive linemen from last year showed improvement this year, I might reconsider….but none of their existing linemen have really impressed me too much outside of the beast himself, Aaron Donald.

If anything, it’s been the addition of Von Miller that sets this club apart from last year’s iteration. Von Miller’s actually shown consistency rushing the passer and blowing up screens/runs. Maybe Miller can elevate to being that second dominant presence alongside Aaron Donald, but given this team’s mental state as of late…that looks doubtful.